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Bluetooth is a widely used feature on smartphones and other smart electronic devices to exchange and transfer data to and fro. However, it is also subjected to certain errors such as pairing problems which can occur due to a number of issues Fix Bluetooth problems on Android. If your car or Bluetooth accessory isn't connecting to your phone, try the solutions below. Important: Some of these steps work only on Android 8.0 and up. If you're pairing your watch with your phone for the first time, try these troubleshooting steps Your Android device may be due an update which can include updates for certain applications that may be causing a problem for the Bluetooth. There are a lot of things that can be fixed with the help of an update. Update your phone's software to ensure that your Bluetooth works as expected. To manually check for updates follow these steps Diagnosing Bluetooth Pairing Problems - Android Print. Modified on: Mon, 12 Oct, 2020 at 1:16 PM. If you're experiencing issue when pairing your device on android, try these steps to resolve the problem: Check that Location services are turned on globally

How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones on android 𗁉 https://youtu.be/TbLSwhg77oQ how to fix bluetooth pairing problems, bluetooth connection problems, How to fix b.. Part 2. 9 fixes for Bluetooth not working on Android 2.1 One click to fix Android Bluetooth issues due to Android system. Since Bluetooth is an internal technology, this indicates there's a problem with the software or firmware of your Android device. If something's broken, this means you need to fix it Note: Bluetooth share is a common name for the Bluetooth feature on an Android cell phone but if you cannot locate a Bluetooth share option then it might be labeled differently. Typically it will still have the word Bluetooth in its label Bluetooth speaker pairing problem From Gourav on January 21, 2019 :: 7:20 am I have potronics sound drum speaker.at first it pair with my phone Honor 7X but now my phone Bluetooth device but not. I suspect the problem you're having is that both devices are Bluetooth 2.1, in which case a pairing request should result in a 6 digit passkey being displayed on both devices. The best result I was able to achieve was using PAIRING_VARIANT_PIN = 0. When prompted by my application, I entered pin 1234 and a 6 digit passkey appeared on my target.

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Your phone is using Android 6.0 or higher. Your phone has Bluetooth and Location turned on. Turn on your Fast Pair accessory and put it in pairing mode. Make sure your accessory is near your phone or tablet. When you get a notification, tap Tap to pair. You'll get a Device connected or Pairing complete notification Bluetooth might be an old technology by today's standard but it is still quite useful when pairing different accessories with your android smartphone. Therefore, it is quite annoying when there are problems connecting your Bluetooth device to your smartphone. These are some common Bluetooth problems and how you can solve them easily

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Once your phone's Bluetooth is on, a middle size window will appear on your phone showing the name of nearby Bluetooth devices that are active for pairing. 6. Click on the device that you want to pair with and wait a while as the device connects to your android device I have problem with some devices that they are listed as bonded (paired) but when I try to connect (open bluetooth socket) pairing dialog popup anyway.. Did u experienced similar behaviour? Mostly affected devices are with newer versions of android (lets say 4.1 and later..). for a while, after which the pairing fails and the smartphone reports Incorrect passkey or PIN. The problem is that no passkey or PIN was asked by neither the laptop nor the smartphone. I've tried reinstalling Bluetooth drivers on my laptop, rebooting the PC, rebooting the Bluetooth etc. I have no idea what to do and what seems to be the issue

How To Fix Android Phone Won't Connect Or Pair With Bluetooth

OneStep+ Android Bluetooth pairing problem Jonas March 26, 2020 11:53; Updated; If your android device is not pairing with your OneStep+ camera, please try to clear the Bluetooth cache. Open device Settings; Go to the Apps & Notifications Click See all. Problem #7: Android phone unable to move some contacts to car via Bluetooth Hi I have just got a new car, Mazda CX-5. The car will only import certain contacts from the phone via Bluetooth

Bluetooth problem Pairing with Garmin Devices Apr 28, 2020. DanielGuerreiro29. Cupcake Apr 28, 2020. I know there are connection problems between garmin and android devices but it doesn't make sense, it works on the 7T and the 8 Pro does not How To Fix Bluetooth Pairing Problems: Bluetooth is a well-known technique for wirelessly moving information between two devices, for example, it's called Bluetooth Pairing, your phone and your earphones, your media player and a speaker, or your iPad and keyboard. It's a standout amongst the most broadly utilized wireless innovation on the planet, as per Suke Jawanda, head showcasing.

Diagnosing Bluetooth Pairing Problems - Android. If you're experiencing issue when pairing your device on android, try these steps to resolve the problem: Check that Location services are turned. Remove the Bluetooth device, then add it again: Select Start , then select Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices. In Bluetooth, select the device you're having problems connecting to, and then select Remove device > Yes. To learn more about pairing your Bluetooth device again, see Connect a Bluetooth device So, I had this question, if someone needs the answer to this working in android 4.4.2. IntentFilter filter = new IntentFilter( android.bluetooth.device.action.PAIRING_REQUEST); /* * Registering a new BTBroadcast receiver from the Main Activity context * with pairing request event */ registerReceiver( new PairingRequest(), filter)

Problem: On Android when pairing with Bluetooth device is in progress this popup is shown to enter pin code:. This is fine, except there is an awkward message Usually 000 or 1234.Some end users just type 0000 or 1234 as suggested on the pairing form. Of course, pairing failed due to wrong pin entered Hello. I'm trying to pair a Sony bluetooth headset with a new Bravia . KD-55XD8505B Android TV. It doesn't work. Would not pair. I got the headset into pairing mode, went to the bluetooth menu in the system settings and hit add new device. I am nearly certain I didn't do anything wrong Hello. I'm trying to pair a Sony bluetooth headset with a new Bravia . KD-55XD8505B Android TV. It doesn't work. Would not pair. I got the headset into pairing mode, went to the bluetooth menu in the system settings and hit add new device Bluetooth devices pair with all the platforms easily. However, there are some peculiar problems that arise when you try and connect Bluetooth on Android. Read how this problem surfaces and what we can do to resolve this issue

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Bluetooth pairing problem. Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by viswa98, Feb 15, 2013. viswa98 Lurker. Similar Threads - Bluetooth pairing problem. Bluetooth Headset Disconnects. Wild Okie, Sep 1, 2020, in forum: Android Devices. Replies: 0 Views: 200. Wild Okie Sep 1. Android Forums. Home Forums Android Discussion Android Help Problems pairing with bluetooth. Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Bertieee, Jul 23, 2015. Bertieee Lurker. Thread Starter. Hello, I'm having some trouble getting my nexus 7 and Z3 compact to pair via bluetooth

If you have problems with Bluetooth on Windows, it could be disabled in the system settings. The same issue can cause Bluetooth problems on Macs. Likewise, if Bluetooth isn't working on your iPhone or Android device, check the settings to make sure Bluetooth is enabled I had the same pairing request problem. I thought my Android Galaxy S5 was trying to pair with my Plantronics Back Fit PR BT 9A8D bluetooth device. I kept getting a pairing request for Plantronics PR BT 9A8D. The device was turned off and unpaired but I kept getting the request If your headphones' battery is low, it may have trouble pairing—and I've even found some Bluetooth headphones stay turned on when in the case, meaning they'll drain down to 0 percent. Android Bluetooth Pairing Problems. Brandon Lyon asked on 2010-01-13. Wireless Networking; Cell Phones; Operating Systems; Android; 10 Comments. 1 Solution. 1,858 Views. Last Modified: 2013-12-14. I'm. Android Bluetooth pairing problems are quite common and they can leave you baffled. So, here are some of the easiest workarounds that can help you establish connection with another Bluetooth device

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But my Satchi Bluetooth Media Button works just fine now and reconnects without rebooting either device. It didn't work from the release of Android 9 till the May 5th patch. So I think Google has fixed the Bluetooth LE problem in my opinion. How many of you are facing Bluetooth pairing/streaming issue on Android 9 Pie? Comment below I have problem in connecting android with a device. In froyo android 2.2 when I connect android with device it shows me pairing dialogue box and I successfully pair it. When i update my device from android 2.2 to android 2.3 i.e. ginger bread pairing dialogue box is not showing. I am using Bluetooth chat example of android Om Bluetooth-lampan blinkar vitt försöker produkten ansluta till en tidigare ansluten enhet. Skjut strömknappen till Bluetooth-symbolen och hÄll ner den tills du hör Klar för anslutning eller Bluetooth-lampan börjar blinka blÄtt. Android-enheter: Produkterna paras ihop There have been reports about some Bluetooth problems on smartphones that have updates to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. But some users has reported about Bluetooth issues on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Since this issue has not been published anywhere there is not a certain way to fix the Bluetooth issue on your smartphone that is also common in cars like Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Tesla, Volkswagen. How to Solve Bluetooth Pairing Problems. by Natasha Stokes on December 22, 2014 iPhones running iOS 7 and newer should be Bluetooth Smart Ready as should Android phones running 4.3 or newer,.

Methods to Fix Bluetooth Problem in Windows 10. Please keep in mind that the method shared below will not only help you deal with Bluetooth issues, but it will also help you fix problems related to other wireless technology like WiFi. So, let's explore some of the best methods to fix the problem of Windows 10 Bluetooth not working Android 9 Samsung Bluetooth problems. I tried to disconnect and reconnect and it does work, but after other few times it doesn't reconnect, same problem. Also often the pairing time with the bluetooth device using the Samsung Note 9 with Pie is long (more then one minute). 0 If you have read this article carefully, you might have understood how to fix Bluetooth pairing problems. Pairing problems are very common, but you can easily fix them by using the tricks we have mentioned. All the tricks of fixing Bluetooth pairing problems that we have mentioned are tried and tested, so you can rely on them 2. Unable to pair Bluetooth with car. If you were able to connect your device via Bluetooth to car earlier, but not after upgrading to Android 7.0 Nougat update, then this is an issue. You could get errors like 'Can't communicate with Hands Free System' or 'Pairing failed'. Luckily, it's fixable. Try the solution below in the order. Hello. I'm trying to pair a Sony bluetooth headset with a new Bravia KD-55XD8505B Android TV. It doesn't work. Would not pair. I got the headset into pairing mode, went to the bluetooth menu in the system settings and hit add new device. I am nearly certain I didn't do anything wrong. I googled t..

Bluetooth Pair is an app that can automate your Bluetooth pairing/connection process! With a range of Bluetooth devices at your disposal such as audio speakers, headsets, car speakers and more, it can be troublesome to have to connect to a specific device. FLEXIBLE Bluetooth Pair allows you to automatically pair with a device of your choosing WHAT IS BLUETOOTH PAIR Bluetooth Pair is an app that can automate your Bluetooth pairing/connection process! With a range of Bluetooth devices at your disposal such as audio speakers, headsets, car speakers and more, it can be troublesome to have to connect to a specific device. FLEXIBLE Bluetooth Pair allows you to automatically pair with a device of your choosing

Bluetooth problems in 6.1 Plus Android Pie Hi, I'm enjoying my new 6.1 plus, apart from one huge drawback. Bluetooth doesn't work with my car's infotainment system Bluetooth is a technological wonder when it works right. Use these 10 tips to troubleshoot your Bluetooth pairing problems.-PC Pitstop. Bluetooth is a popular method of wirelessly transferring data between two devices such as your phone and your headphones, your media player and a speaker, or your iPad and a keyboard

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Just to solve this problem go to profile-> My Devices -> Mi band 4 and find the settings that discoverable. That will let you to the phone to find via bluetooth.After the pairing devices you will be able to connect your Mi Band 4 with just starting phone's bluetooth Questions arise, though, as soon as the Bluetooth starts to manifest pairing problems and users are eager to fix it on their own. After all, being able to transfer data wirelessly, between the smartphone and any other device it can connect to, headphones, speakers, media player included, is one of the coolest Android features Bluetooth Pairing issue. I am on Android but pretty much every connection problem I had with my phone was solved by deleting the GC app from my phone, forgetting the 1030 in BT on the phone, re-installing the app and then pairing the 1030 with the phone through the app. Prova de hÀr anvisningarna om Bluetooth inte fungerar. HÀr Àr nÄgra andra vanliga problem: Bluetooth-ikonen saknas eller Bluetooth kan inte aktiveras eller inaktiveras. Bluetooth fungerar inte efter att en Windows 10-uppdatering har installerats. Bluetooth fungerar inte efter att du har uppgraderat till Windows 10 frÄn Windows 8.1 eller. But in Samsung's defense, Bluetooth issues are not just a Galaxy-related problem, but a software-based issue that has been bugging devices running Android 8.0 Oreo. Samsung has already released two software updates since the release of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ last month, so if you haven't updated to the latest software version already, we advise you to do so

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  1. While the Bluetooth accessory is still in pairing mode, head back to the Bluetooth settings menu on your Android device. From here, you should see the Bluetooth accessory listed, but if not, simply tap the three-dot menu button at the top of the screen, then choose Refresh to search for nearby Bluetooth devices again
  2. Bluetooth Âź BluetoothÂź forum CC2640R2F: Pairing problem with Android Samsung S7 edge. Intellectual 600 points harsmar Replies: 4. Views: 1421. Part Number: CC2640R2F. Hi. I have some pairing failures that I would like to have some help to analyze. I'm running.
  3. Under the hood, the device runs on Android 8.1 Oreo with MIUI 10 software. Many users have reported Frequent connection dropping, unable to pairing, device restarts while enabling Bluetooth, not able to send any files, images, videos. etc on the Xiaomi Redmi Y2 with other devices are the common problems reported by most of the users
  4. Hello, I am developing an Android app which interacts with a device holding WT11i onboard. This device have no any screen, keyboard etc., i.e. just a gr Bluetooth pairing request in Android
  5. First pairing. Step 1. Download the latest version of HUAWEI Sports Health App. Step 2. Turn on Bluetooth. Step 3. Press the key on the watch to make sure that the watch shows a pairing interface (the interface that shows the HUAWEI WATCH GT-XXX)
  6. Here, we are going to share some tips on how to fix Google Pixel 3 Bluetooth issues. See also: How to fix an Android phone that won't pair or connect with Bluetooth. Pairing. If you are facing any problem while establishing a Bluetooth connection with a particular device, then try to pair with another one
  7. If your Android device is still not pairing or connecting, please double check that the settings are correct and BT is turned on. For Pebble, the path is Main Menu >> Settings >> Bluetooth, and make sure that it is showing Now Discoverable

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  1. Bluetooth Pairing free download - Bluetooth 2.0_Broadcom Bluetooth Driver and Application_v6..1.4900.zip, Bluetooth Software Ver.6..1.4900.zip, Bluetooth for Windows 10, and many more program
  2. My new S10Ă· cant pair with my 2018 Mini car. It can see the car's bluetooth connection but won't pair. Before you ask 1) my S7 connected and worked fine 2) my wife's old s5 pairs and works fine 3) my wife's new OnePlus6T pairs and works fin
  3. Ta med en kompakt Bluetooth-högtalare till resan, skidstugan eller stranden och du har garanterat alltid festen med dig. Vi har mÀngder av Bluetooth-högtalare som ger ett kraftfullt ljud trots sin blygsamma storlek. Koppla enkelt till din smartphone och njut av klockrent ljud
  4. sudo rfcomm connect 0 <bluetooth address> 1 If that doesn't work you can also try adding pi to the lp group. sudo adduser pi lp EDIT: Recently I have created a Repo on GitHub that sets the Pi up as an Audio Receiver that allows for auto pairing of bluetooth devices, sets up airplay for iDevice users, and allows auxillary line input
  5. We all know that every Android phone and tablet has built-in Bluetooth feature. The main tasks of Bluetooth on Android device is to transfer files from one phone to another.. With the use of Bluetooth feature, one can easily transfer files such as photos, videos, audio, etc from one device to another by pairing and connecting them Bluetooth

If I/O capabiltiies are being exchanged than its Bluetooth 2.1 pairing. Another option is to enable bluetoothd log in init.herring.rc file and you can figure out which pairing method is used. Its most definitely Bluetooth 2.1 pairing in your case and the problem is elsewhere You should try pairing your Bluetooth device with third party devices; If its showing issue in pairing then obviously the problem is of Bluetooth device and not the issue of your phone. But if Bluetooth is paired successfully then the problem can solved. Simply go to Settings > Bluetooth > Unpair & Delete the device from list I'm trying to pair my Android device (Galaxy Wonder Android version 2.3.6) to my Acer Aspire 4741G running Ubuntu 12.10 via bluetooth. Both my phone and the laptop discover one another, but when I start pairing with my phone it generates a pairing request with a passkey but no dialog that asks me to enter the pass key appears on the laptop so pairing fails, when I start pairing via the laptop. I had problems too! Connecting or once connected, staying connected. I was able to pair my android BLU life one. I fixed the problem by going into my settings, scrolling to phone audio, selecting my phone then deleting it. My phone is still in my phone list for Bluetooth, but now it stays connected and I can still stream from my phone

Two Bluetooth LE SDKs I will be working with, one from Motorola and the other from HTC, do not allow for manual pairing and require BLE devices to be paired through the standard Android Bluetooth settings. The problem I ran into is that I cannot get the SensorTag to pair with either the Motorola Atrix HD or the HTC One X+ Find out how to fix the pairing problem on Mi Band. You don't have to pair it with your Bluetooth directly. Her love for Android made her develop the first app for Kashmir Read about 'Bluetooth basic problem with the micro:bit' on element14.com. I've recently received my micro:bit and worked through most of the projects in jlucas 's blog - great start. I'm keen to code on my Android tablet an I have a brand-new HC-06 on a JY-MCU backboard. Right out the box, I had no problem pairing it with my Android phone (LED stopped blinking). When I tried to upload some basic test code, I got a serial conflict and had to unplug the HC-06 to complete the upload. Since then, I have not been able to get the HC-06 to recognize the pairing

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Originally Posted by cassapo. Hello, I buy a erisin, I don't no what model is, but you can check in the photos. I have a problem with bluetooth, I par th phone with the radio, after I use the car more then 5x, the radio stops pairing with the mobile phone, and to work again I have to click in the reset button On devices running Android 8.0 (API level 26) and higher, companion device pairing performs a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi scan of nearby devices on behalf of your app without requiring the ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION or BLUETOOTH_ADMIN permission. This helps minimize the number of permissions needed by your app and is more privacy-friendly for users the Bluetooth audio device at the same time. For issues other than pairing, refer to the following article: Troubleshooting for the Bluetooth connection with the audio device on Android TVℱ released in 2017 and 2018. Mouse/keyboard Generally, operation is not guaranteed for Bluetooth keyboard and mouse that are sold as for Androidℱ Make sure the device is not paired with the Android Bluetooth settings, then retry pairing from the Wahoo app. Important: This does not apply to the TIMEX watch series devices as these devices must be paired with the system to function. Ensure an exclusive connection. Wahoo devices are only able to maintain one Bluetooth connection at a time Android bluetooth pairing default keyboard problems. by joe mm. This person is a I need the onscreen keyboard as all I have hooked up to it is a scanner not actually a keyboard like android sees it. No problem, I go into language and input and change the default keyboard to the onscreen again; however,.

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[android-developers] [android developers] bluetooth insecure connection still requests pairing on my ICS [android-developers] Bluetooth insecurerfcomm automated pairing request on ICS [android-developers] When the phone receives a pairing request from another bluetooth device, sometimes a pairing dialog pops up, sometimes just a notification If you're experiencing Bluetooth issues with your Ledger Nano X, please remove the pairing and forget the Ledger Nano X on your phone. Then try the pairing again. Sometimes, it may take a while before the Bluetooth pairing request is displayed. Make sure you verify and confirm the pairing code both on your Ledger Nano X and on your phone

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Android pairing problem. SoetkinC over 2 years ago. Hi, so since a few days, my Forerunner 235 wouldn't sync anymore with my phone. It should be asking you to put the watch in to Bluetooth pairing mode, so open the Menu on the watch and go to Settings > Bluetooth > Pair Mobile Device Android 7.0 Nougat comes with a number of new features and enhancements. A broken Bluetooth stack being one of them. Post upgrading to Nougat, Nexus 6, 6P, and Nexus 5X users have been complaining about poor Bluetooth connectivity or other Bluetooth related issue with other devices Use a different phone's bluetooth . In the event that nothing still works, it is possible that the problem originates from your bluetooth device and not from the Samsung Galaxy J3. To verify this, you should simply try to connect with another cellphone. If you get there, it's because the problem comes from Samsung Galaxy J3 Android 8.0 Oreo: Google says it's looking into buggy Bluetooth audio problems Google is trying to get to the bottom of a Bluetooth connectivity bug affecting Pixel and Nexus owners Bluetooth feature is essential not just for sharing files and folders, but also for connecting new-gen devices with connectivity option. In this article, we will discuss the methods to fix Samsung Galaxy A20 Bluetooth, Headphones And Connectivity Problems.After using these methods you can easily connect the Bluetooth devices with your phone

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  1. Here's how to fix Bluetooth pairing problems on Pixel 3a and 3a XL. Users reported different types of problems such as Bluetooth can't pair with a car, Bluetooth freakout, Bluetooth can't find device or Bluetooth won't pair with headphones, etc. We use Bluetooth to transfer data between two devices such as photos, videos, and other files
  2. Sometimes Fitbit trackers won't receive notifications from Android devices.If this is happening to you, you may need to restart your fitness tracker or mess with your phone's Bluetooth settings
  3. Bluetooth has come a long way since its introduction but it can still have problems. Let's talk about a few ways to fix Galaxy S6 Bluetooth issues if you are experiencing them. Bluetooth connection issues on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge can happen at any time
  4. d that, for security reasons, some smartphones and tablets are visible to other devices only when the Bluetooth settings are open. To access them, touch and hold the Bluetooth option displayed in the Quick Settings menu.. Step 3. Connect your Android phone to a Windows 10 laptop, PC, or tablet through Bluetooth
  5. If your Android phone does not connect or pair with Bluetooth and you are looking for solutions to fix it, we have some tips for you. We will identify the reasons for the Bluetooth problems and we will see the solutions that can help you solve the problem. Fix Bluetooth Pairing Problems. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. You should see the.
  6. g number, the text of the SMS, the data of the operator and the contact of the phone book are spoken, also, the application has a convenient widget for turning the voice on and off

The AMAZFIT GTR has been on sale for several days on Gearbest, and I believe many friends have already experienced the charm of this GTR smartwatch. However, there may be some problems in the use of watches, especially the pairing of watches and mobile phones, APP downloads and data synchronization. Do not worry! Here give you some tips to solve it Android-BluetoothSPPLibrary. Bluetooth Serial Port Profile which comfortable to developer application to communication with microcontroller or android device via bluetooth. This libraly include all important methods for serial port profile on bluetooth communication. It has built-in bluetooth device list. Feature ‱ It's very easy to us Sony 2018 Android TV Settings Guide: pairing audio with your TV over Bluetooth isn't substantially different from pairing devices with your phone. There was a problem GN Hearing Becomes World's First to Support Direct Android Streaming to Hearing Devices Using Bluetooth Low Energy Collaboration with Google on hearing aid specification now officially brings.

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BT121 problem pairing with Android phone 05/126/2018 | 03:44 PM DNadler. I'm trying to use BT121 (using BGAPI on (I used SDK 184 version for BT121 and bt121 example from the SDK , on the phone I used S2 terminal for Bluetooth application to establish SPP connection and transmit data between devices ) Hello all, I am having an issue with my Bluetooth connection ever since the upgrade to Android 9. It goes off while it's connected to my car and at the same time I can't connect it to my smart watch. I'm guessing I'm not the only facing the issues. My Bluetooth has been crashing too many times for my liking. Please advise Guiden till Bluetooth-parning hjÀlper dig att para ihop din Bluetooth-produkt frÄn Jabra med en mobil enhet. VÀlj din Jabra-produkt och klicka pÄ Guide till Bluetooth-parning. Endast de Jabra-produkter som stödjer Bluetooth visas. SupportinnehÄll för alla Jabras produkter finns pÄ Jabras support

[Working] Top 10 Fixes for Bluetooth Keyboard not working8 Best Fixes for Honor Band 5 Won&#39;t Pair Issue on Android

8 Best Fixes for Honor Band 5 Won't Pair Issue on Android

Samsung S8 Bluetooth Pairing Problems. on two bluetooth devices at once s8 bluetooth pairing issue with aptx devices android forums at samsung galaxy s8 on android pie 9 0 one ui facing bluetooth fix bluetooth volume extremely low in samsung galaxy s8 innov8tiv fix bluetooth volume extremely low in samsung galaxy s8 innov8tiv Connect to an external bluetooth NMEA compatible GPS device. Mock provider allows other apps to work with the device. ** FOR Android 6.0 (Marshmallow ), it changes the way it handles the mock provider permissions. Please go to the developer option, click Select mock location app and select this app as provider. !!! Please read... YOU NEED AN EXTERNAL BLUETOOTH GPS HARDWARE DEVICE TO GET IT.

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Best Bluetooth Game Controller for Android and iOS SmartphonesOne2Touch Softpad C1 and S1 are NFC Keyboards for Android
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