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High Coast Hike - Sweden's second largest hike. The High Coast in the Ångermanland province of north eastern Sweden, is a UNESCO World Heritage site for its unique and highly scenic land and seascape and its distinctly red Nordingrå granite cliffs and rocks The High Coast has a world record in land uplift! Here is the world's highest coastline, 286 meters above sea level and the nature is unique with its high mountains, deep valleys, forests and seas. Learn all about the world heritage and admire the views from Skuleberget's top while you enjoy good food

The High Coast - a UNESCO World Heritage site Visit Swede

The High Coast has also been largely shaped by the combined processes of glaciation, glacial retreat and the emergence of new land from the sea. Since the last retreat of the ice from the High Coast 9,600 years ago, World Heritage management issues are dealt with at regional level,. The High Coast was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2000. The World Heritage Site was expanded with Kvarken Archipelago in FInland in 2006. The High Coast and Kvarken Archipelago is the best place to visit to experience and understand the land uplift and the traces of the latest ice age. The Justification The High Coast World Heritage Site area displays the on-going rebound process of the Earth's crust, due to the previous depression of the inland ice sheet. In the landscape, the successive, relative lowering of the sea level is expressed through the formation of shore line features

The Swedish High Coast and Kvarken Archipelago in Finland form a joint World Heritage Site, because it is the best place in the world to see and understand the land uplift caused by the latest Ice Age. In this portal you can find out all about this World Heritage Site High Coast; The Decorated Farmhouses of Hälsingland; Falun World Heritage; Engelsberg Ironworks; Birka and Hovgården; Drottningholm - Royal Domain; The Woodland Cemetery; Rock Carvings in Tanum; Hanseatic Town of Visby; Grimeton Radio Station; Agricultural Landscape of Southern Öland; Naval City of Karlskrona; What is World Heritage? The. The high coast, world heritage area. skuleskogens nationalpark, ångermanland världsarvet höga kuste HIGH COAST WORLD HERITAGE, SWEDEN ON AUGUST 05. View of a classic red cabin, rorbu on August 05, 2009 in High Coast World Heritage, Sweden. Reed th.... Foto av Bertil Bernhardsson på Mostphotos

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  1. High Coast World heriTage Höga Kusten (High Coast) is a world heritage, the nature here is stunning, High steep mountains meet the sea, still rising creating a beautiful landscape. We highly recommend to spend some extra days here after or before the wedding, Team up,.
  2. High Coast - inscribed property: Decisions; 2013 37COM 8E - Adoption of retrospective Statements of Outstanding Universal Value: 2008 32COM 8B.3 - Changes to name of properties inscribed on the World Heritage List - High Coast / Kvarken Archipelago (FINLAND / SWEDEN) 200
  3. Visit the high coast of Örnsköldsvik in the north of Sweden. Experience magical landscapes and stunning views. Drink water from the streams and stop by a waterfall after the trail. When the.
  4. The High Coast - A World Heritage Site WITH TIME ASHORE IN HÄRNÖSAND Join us on a unique cruise to the High Coast and Härnösand! In summer 2018, we will be extending our service further with a 2-day cruise to the beautiful Norrland coast. If you would like to experience nature at a really high level, you have come to the right place
  5. The High Coast and Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage Site is the best place in the world to understand and experience the land uplift phenomenon after the latest Ice Age. Search for: Navigate the web porta
  6. The High Coast Hike is Europes second largest hiking adventure It takes place in the area that has been voted Swedens most beautiful nature - High Coast of Sweden. During three days you will experience an area of unreal beauty as you hike through the highlights of this World Heritage Site
  7. The World Heritage Track winds around and up and down the green hills of the Nordingrå area and is the perfect track if you want to spend just a few days in the heart of the High Coast. Here it is easier to make day tours, since it is always close to roads and small B&B:s/lodges. Parts of it can very well be combined with a kayaking tour

High Coast / Kvarken Archipelago - UNESCO World Heritage

  1. g from the last Ice Age 9,600 years ago, the once compacted land is.
  2. High Coast is a UNESCO declared world heritage site, as it is here that the uplift has increased the most since the last ice age, 286 meters and the increase continues with almost a centimeter each year. This is also a landscape that invites you to comfortable hikes among high mountains, deep valleys, sparkling bays and plenty of wonderful views
  3. The High Coast World Heritage 6. Eagles . Sweden. FDC Jan 27, 2005 The High Coast - World Heritage 6. Insert in Swedish, English and German..

The High Coast (Swedish: Höga Kusten) is a part of the coast of Sweden on the Gulf of Bothnia, in the Ångermanland province of northeast Sweden, centered in the area of the municipalities of Kramfors, Härnösand, and Örnsköldsvik.It is notable as an area for research on post-glacial rebound and eustacy, in which the land rises as the covering glaciers melt, a phenomenon first recognised. How the Coast Became High: an Historical Introduction to the High Coast (Höga Kusten) World Heritage Site in Sweden. Nordlund, Christer . Umeå University, Faculty of Arts, Historical Studies. 2005 (English) In: Environment and History, ISSN 0967-3407, Vol. 11, no 2, p. 113-138 Article in journal (Refereed) Publishe The High Coast in a nutshell. Contents include: the High Coast Trail, Arnäsleden Trail, best hikes along the World Heritage Trail, a guide to the archipelago s islands, Skuleskogen National Park, climbing and hiking on Skuleberget, Smitingen and Härnöklubb Nature Reserve, fishing chapels and the best kayaking routes along the coast According to IUCN's Conservation Outlook Assessment (2017) the conservation status of the High Coast - Kvarken Archipelago is 'good'. The IUCN report notes that the geological features of the site (which provide the basis for its world heritage status) are secure, but raises questions over threats facing the Baltic Sea as a whole, affecting biodiversity in the marine environment

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  1. The High Coast and the Kvarken Archipelago have been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A World Heritage Site is a place, an object or an area that shows, in a unique way, the history of the.
  2. Coniferous forest, aerial view. High Coast World Heritage Site, Vasternorrland, Sweden. August, 2018. - Pal Hermanse
  3. istered by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).World Heritage Sites are designated by UNESCO for having cultural, historical, scientific or other form of significance. The sites are judged to contain cultural and natural heritage around the world.
  4. 12. The High Coast/Kvarken Archipelago. Sweden has many beautiful natural sites, but the High Coast is the only one on the Swedish list designated as a Natural World Heritage Site. The High Coast is situated on one side of the Gulf of Bothnia in the northern part of the Baltic Sea, while the Finnish Kvarken Archipelago is on the opposite side
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  6. Photo about View from a mountain in the High Coast (World Heritage in Sweden) situated in the Gulf of Bothnia, a northern extension of the Baltic Sea. Image of coast, stone, summer - 4308728
  7. (2015). World Heritage, Tourism and Community Involvement: A Comparative Study of the High Coast (Sweden) and Kvarken Archipelago (Finland) Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism: Vol. 15, Rural Tourism: Insights from the North Atlantic, pp. 183-201

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  1. High Coast/Kvarken Archipelago - Unesco World Heritage
  2. The High Coast - World Heritage Swede
  3. The high coast, world heritage area - Naturfot
  4. HIGH COAST WORLD HERITAGE, av Bertil Bernhardsson

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