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The Stridsvagn m/41 was of rivetted construction which made manufacture easier. As with the preceding Strv m/38-Strv m/40, it was armed with a 37 mm Bofors m/38 gun, and the first batch had the same engine as the Strv m/40L, the Scania-Vabis type 1664. In June 1942, a further 122 Stridsvagn m/41 were ordered under the designation Strv m/41 SII The Strv M/41 S-I served with the P3 regiment in Strängnäs, included with the 10th Armored Brigade's light tank companies. The Strv m/41 S-II mainly equipped the P4 regiment's 2nd Tank Battalion, included with the 9th Armored Brigade in Skövde, while others were held as reserve at P2 and P3 regiments Produktionen av Strv m/41 SII upphörde därmed i mars 1944 då totalt 104 vagnar hade levererats. Samtliga Strv m/41 SI kom att tillhöra P 3 i Strängnäs, medan SII-vagnarna företrädesvis organiserades vid P 4 i Skövde (ett fåtal sändes till P 2 och en mindre del tillhörde P 3:s materielreserv) The Strv m/41 S-II relies on sniping and penetrating tanks at medium to long ranges with its powerful APDS round. However, APDS lacks the lethality of explosive filler AP rounds, so the Strv m/41 must rely on sniping and disabling crew or hitting ammunition racks to destroy enemy tanks, especially larger ones like the T-28

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The Swedish Strv M/41 Light Tank. The Swedish Strv M/41 Light Tank was a licence built Czechoslovakian CKD/Praga TNH Light Tank, however it was fitted with a more powerful indigenous Scania petrol engine. The vehicles remained in service well in to the 1950's. During the 1960's they were converted in to the Pbv 301 Armoured Personnel Carrier The vehicle was designated Strv m/41-SI and was considered superior to the Landsverks L-60 designs. The vehicle weighed 10,5 tons and had 25mm of frontal and 15mm of side and rear armor. It was powered by a Scania-Vabis 1664 engine, producing 142hp and was armed with the same 37mm gun as the L-60 tanks

Stridsvagn m/40 (Strv m/40) var en svensk stridsvagn, konstruerad av Landsverk under början av 1940-talet baserad på Landsverks exportstridsvagn L-60.Den kom att byggas i 3 varianter varav 2 gjorde tjänst. Strv m/40L: Grundkonstruktionen var en L-60D men hade luftintaget för motorn flyttat framåt på vagnen. Denna variant kom att kallas L-60-S III av Landsverk och fick armébeteckningen. Strv m/41 did not use new technology; the chassi was riveted and leaf springs were used instead of torsion bar suspension. But the tank had good cross-country mobility and manoeuverability, something which was enhanced by the pre-select gearbox. Reliability was excellent,. Nyligen tillagda varor ×. Det finns inga varor i din varukorg. Search: S k Ditt språk Light tank Stridsvagn m/41 S-II. 3D model. Contact us. This site uses We recommend the following browsers Select Language Site search Donate. 104 st stridsvagn m/41 SII, 1943 - 1944. Ombyggda: 18 st togs bort från initial beställning och byggdes istället till stormartillerivagn m/43 185 st till pansarbandvagn 301 20 st till stridsledningspansarbandvagn 3011 15 st till eldledningspansarbandvagn 3012 >> Ritning på strv m/41 Si och SII kan beställas här

Stridsvagn (Strv) m/41 SII - CKD TNH. Svensk stridsvagnsproduktion fyllde inte landets behov och 90 st TNH beställdes 1939 från CKD i Prag. Tyskland beslagtog dock vagnarna och gav dem beteckningen PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf S. Efter långa förhandlingar med tyska myndigheter om licenstillverkning beställdes från Scania-Vabis 1941 116 vagnar som levererades 1942-1943 - Stridsvagn m/41 SI. 1942. Strv m/41 — шведський легкий танк періоду Другої світової війни.Являв собою ліцензійний варіант чехословацького танка LT vz.38.Серійно вироблявся з 1941 по 1943 рік, всього було випущено 220 одиниць в двох варіантах

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The Stridsvagn m/39 TD is a gift rank I Swedish light tank with a battle rating of 1.0 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced during Update Starfighters as a reward for watching War Thunder streams on Twitch.tv along with a unique skin for the vehicle.. This vehicle shouldn't be confused as a tank destroyer (TD) by its designation, TD in this case stands for Twitch Drop Typbeteckning: strv m/41- Besättning, man . Max. längd, mm 4 605 Max. bredd, mm 2 140 Max. höjd, mm 2 350 Spårvidd, mm 1 770 Frigångshöjd, mm 400 Bandplattans bredd, mm 293 Höjd vid drivhjulscentrum, mm 730 Totalvikt, kg ca 10 500 Max. motoreffekt, hk Effektfaktor, hk per ton totalv. ca 16 Lättbentyl, motyl 50, motyl 85, Bränsle . BBV m/42 recovery vehicle and a Strv m/41 Brobv m/42 experimental bridgelayer Strv m/42 was produced from April 1943 to January 1945 with a total of 287 units produced. It was the most powerful tank to serve with the Swedish army from 1943 until 1953, when it was replaced with the Centurion Mk.3

The Strv M/41 light tank had thicker armor than the M/40. Because the thicker armor made the tank heavier, it needed a more powerful engine. Therefore, the engine was upgraded to a Scania-Vabis 145 horsepower engine. The Swedish Army used the M/41 until the 1950s. At that time, many Strv M/41 light tanks were adapted for use as personnel carriers Strv m/41 SI, parad på Gärdet, september 1943 Försvarsstabens informationsavdelnings bildarkiv, nr 1208A/04008. Foto: Aftonblade I was playing with the swedish 2.3 BR light tank strv m/41 the other day, and i noticed that its completely useless for the tier its in. Its basically just a swedish liscense built version of the pz.38(t) but with the swedish 37mm gun The Strv m/41 has a completly different gun where this couldn't be done, most likely because the Swedish gun is slightly larger, but also because it is mounted higher (Pz 38 has the gun on the bottom and the recoil tube on the top, while the m/41 is the reverse)

Stridsvagn m/41 (Strv m/41) (Google Maps). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stridsvagn_m/4 Stridsvagn m/41 (Strv m/41) Maps / Stridsvagn m/41 (Strv m/41) Info; Nearby (34 NOTE: This vehicle is built on a 2:1 scale. DIFFICULTY: Easy HISTORY: In March of 1940, Sweden ordered about 90 TNH tanks (known as the Panzer 38(t) in Germa.. Strv M-41 S-I Original image dimensions: 1403 x 963px You are not logged in : the resolution of the images is restricted to a maximum of 500px wide and 500px high Home / Tags / strv m41 / Content P3 uppvisning på Gärdet, september 1943 Försvarsstabens infomationsavdelnings bildarkiv, nr 1209A/04009 Foto: Sandels/Försvarsstabens pressdetal

Strv m/41. strv SII m/41. Ref 1. Benämningen SII hänför sig till en tjeckisk utvecklingsvagn som beställdes av tjeckiska försvaret, betecknad TNH P-S I/II. Sverige beställde 90 st sådana vagnar, när Tyskland tog över i Tjeckoslovakien beslagtogs alla tillverkade, som skulle skickas till Sverige. Dock. Strv m/41 S-I/II Upgrade (New Tank Found in Archives) | For the Record. Strv m/41 S-I/II Alternative 2. Saved by xdpozipl ! 12. New Tank Military Equipment Bmx Troops Military Vehicles Weapons Beast Sci Fi Alternative

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Saved from aviarmor.net. Stridsvagn Strv m/41. Saved by James Evan Museifordonen vid Gotlands Försvarsmuseum Sidan kompletteras efterhand med länkar till fordonsdata. och bilder The Swedish made Panzer 38(t): Strv m/41 During the 1930's Sweden hummed and hawed about whether to buy tanks, and if so which type. As so many other countries they got worried in the latter part of the decade, and finally ended up ordering a number of Czech tanks Stridsvagn m/42 (Strv m/42) was a Swedish medium tank in service in the World War II period. Known by its manufacturer AB Landsverk as Lago II-III-IV, it fielded a 75 mm L/31 gun, the first of its size in a Swedish tank. It entered service with the Swedish army in April 1943. Modern in design, it was also well protected and mobile

Strv m/41 lehký tank DD.12.1942-DD.08.194 Strv m/42 Delat torn History. In September 1943 Bofors under orders from KAFT started working on a new turret for the Strv m/42 and Strv m/41. It had been specified that the turret had to be no heavier than the current one as to not sacrifice armor protection Evolution: The Strv m/39 The Swedish Army ordered a better armed version from AB Landswerk in 1939. Total L-60 tank force was 215 units, added to 219 m/41 and 282 m/42 medium tanks in 1945. The Stridvagn m/40 also served as a basis of an AA version SPG, the Luftvärnskanonvagn L-62 Anti II,.

Stridsvagn m/41 SII lehký tank DD.10.1943-DD.03.194 Stridsvagn m/41 S/I and S/II (CKD TNH-Sv, built on license by Scania-Vabis) Stridsvagn m/42 EH (Volvo engine, hydraulic transmission) Stridsvagn m/42 TH (Twin Scania engines, hydraulic transmission) Stridsvagn m/42 TV, aka m/42 TM (Twin Scania engines, electromagnetic transmission) Stridsvagn 74 (strv m/42 with new turret 7,5 cm kan m/41 strv som du frågar om kallades inom Krigsmakten för L/31. Den totala längden är 2325 mm, och 2325 / 75 är exakt 31. Här är en sida med pjäsdata ur skjuttabellen: Upp. Tyghantv Medlem Inlägg: 65 Blev medlem: 14 sep 2011, 21:31. Re: Strv M/42 Eldrörslängd

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The Strv m/42 went on to set the foundation for the upcoming Strv 74 Main Battle Tank (MBT) making up the spearhead of the Swedish Cold War tank force. These served from 1958 to 1984 and saw 225 fielded. The ikv 73 Infantry Support Vehicle (ISV) was built from existing m/42EH hulls with units totaling 56 Surviving Restored Swedish tanks from 1921 to 1945 and where they can be seen today The Stridsvagn Strv m/40 Light Tank was the first Swedish combat tank to be ordered in useful quantity - its total manufacture output running 180 vehicles. The design was a further evolution of the original L-60 tank which emerged from work begun in 1934. The line ultimately included the Strv m/38, Strv m/39, and the still-to-come Strv m/42 Strv M-41 S-I: 1403 x 963: Strv m-37 (CKD AH-IV) 737 x 447: Strv m-41 (TNH) 976 x 505: Strv m-42 (AB Landsverk II-III-IV) 1297 x 602: Strv m41 S-II: 1631 x 1051: Strv-103: 2651 x 2766: Strv-103: 1500 x 1111: Strv-103B: 1054 x 598: Strv-103C: 2991 x 3221: Strv-103C: 1580 x 481: Strv-103C: 610 x 665: Strv-103C (1968) 2241 x 2709: Strv.103: 631 x. Stv. m/41: Heavy Tank II: 1941 Stv. m/43: Heavy Tank III: 1943 Tstv. m/44: Super Heavy Tank: 1943 Mod. Tank: MBT: 1945 Military Staff . These are the Military Staff candidates for appointment in Norway. Chief of Army Candidate Type I Type II Effects Cost () Willhelm von Tangen Hansteen Army Organizatio

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World of Tanks - tanks.g Stridsvagn m/41 S-II; Infanterikanonvagn 91; Stridsvagn 74; Combat Vehicle 90105 TML; Luftvärnsrobotbandvagn 701; Pansarvärnsrobotbandvagn 551; Combat Vehicle 90120. Info. Light tank Stridsvagn m/39. 3D model. Contact us. This site uses We recommend the following browser This is unsurprising given that the chassis was taken straight from a Strv m/41 - a Swedish licence-built version of the original Czechoslovak Pz.Kpfw. 38(t). The only notable difference with the chassis compared to the original design, is that it houses a more powerful 165 hp engine, serving merely to offset the weight increase caused by the conversion to a tank destroyer Gallret längst fram på Strv 103 var under lång tid en av de bäst bevarade hemligheterna i försvaret. I samband med vagnens utveckling under 1950-talet..

It was increased form 190 to 230 litres. The new batch of m/41 tanks were given the designation Strv m/41 SII and the older original batch of tanks were renamed Strv m/41 SI. Notice the large gap between the 2nd and 3rd road wheel on Swedish m/41 SII tank. Deliveries began in October 1943 and were completed in March 1944 Stridsvagn m/41 (Swedish tank Strv m/41) - posted in Tank Skins: The Czech tank that is called Panzer 38(t) in the Whermachts service was also in service in the Swedish army under the name Strv m/41. They were originally ordered from the Czech manifacturer, but they were confiscated by the German army when Germany occupied Czechoslovakia

Explore: strv m 41 Löjtnant Gustavsson P 3 leder skjutning med stridsvagn m/41 på Utö pansarskjutfält. Dikeskörning på Järvafältet okt 1944.Milregnr: 26 Stridsvagn m/41 S(eries)I, Swedish license-built TNH version as compensation for the seized Ausf. S tanks. 116 produced. Stridsvagn m/41 S(eries)II, Strv m/41 with upgraded armour and stronger engine. 104 produced. Other designs based on 38(t) chassis SdKfz 138 Marder III - German tank destroyer; German 75 mm gun in open-top superstructure strv_m41 October 31, 2014 2048 × 1402 Notable Flickr Account - Massimo Foti. Strv M41 ©Massino Foti. Used with permission The new vehicle incorporated some elements of the L-60 light tank. In 1939, Hungary took an interest in the project. By the time the first prototype was produced in 1940, Hungary decided to develop their own medium tank on the basis of the Škoda Т-21. Later, some technical solutions were applied in the development of the Strv m/42 tank Strv 103B (2+57% crew skill) ★3 TIER IX: T 55A (2+54% crew skill) WZ-111G FT (3+87% crew skill) E 75 (2+61% crew skill) ★Other: 11 xTier VIII: T26E4 SuperPershing, T34, Progetto M35 mod. 46, leKpz M 41 90 mm GF, IS-6, AMX m4 mle. 49 Librete, STA-2, T25 Pilot Number 1, WZ-111 Alpine Tiger, IS-

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World of Tanks on Console is a free-to-play, team-based MMO dedicated to strategic armored warfare in the mid-20th century Sweden is a minor power located in Scandinavia. It borders Norway to the west and north, Finland to the east and is very close to Denmark to the southwest. It is bounded by the Baltic Sea to the south and southeast. While rich in useful resources, it remains sharply constrained by its pursuit of neutrality, leaving it mostly free to watch the coming storm VIII Strv 81 : 12.23: Historically, the Strv 81 were modified British Centurion Mk. III and Mk. V tanks purchased by Sweden. In World of Tanks, it's a Tier VIII medium that's an unskinned version of the Primo Victoria with a non-Sabaton four-man Crew. It entered the game as a rent-to-own offer with Twitch Prime Care Package Lima Strv S1: A Swedish Hunter Awaits Its Prey Special Offers Discuss. Cromwell B: A British Icon Special Offers Discuss. leKpz M 41 90 mm: A German Attack Dog Special Offers Discuss. Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f): A Baguette Turned Brötchen Special Offers Discuss. Dress Your Knight in Shining Armo An updated, searchable list of HOI4 equipment names to cheat codes conversions. Swiftly find equipment tags to use with console commands such as add_equipment in Hearts of Iron IV

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Commander, are you weary of riding into battle in the same tanks you've been driving for months? Have you been yearning to get a stunning new tank and embrace the challenge of mastering it? Then our week-long Tank Trade-In is the event for you! All this week, trade in any of the Premium tanks you KSP 58 with 6,5x55 mm ammunition (m/94 prj m/41) (private picture) KSP58 B with improved gas valve. Ksp 58 exists with both 6.5 mm barrels and 7.62 mm barrels Download the game. WAR THUNDER PRESENTS Update Viking Fury! A brand new Swedish Ground tech tree with over thirty vehicles, other nations have received over twenty new machines including: the legendary AH-64 Apache and Ka-52 helicopters, the stunning Lightning F.6 and J35D Draken jet fighters or the mighty HMS London (69) and USS Portland (CA-33) A remodel for the British tier 8 heavy tank, the Caernarvon. Restores the historical 20 pounder gun in place of the 32 pounder gun

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  2. The prices shown in the table are valid for Tier VI - X vehicles sold after August 17, 2020. Vehicles sold before this date have a restoration cost of 10-13% higher
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World of Tanks XBOX Guide. Compare tanks, camo, armor and hit zones. Premium tank list with XP and Crew bonuse Accounts with the military tag get a free special style, a free Thunderbolt VII Premium Tier VI medium tank, discount coupons for the World of Tanks Premium Shop, exclusive bundles, and special missions and in-game events — with more benefits on the way. World of Tanks Salute only applies to U.S. and Canadian military members This covers the post-war vehicles that weren't repainted in the original Dunkelgelb pack (SP 1 C, M 41 90 GF, Leopard 1, Kanonen[edited]panzer, etc. - these have since been included in the Neue Dunkelgelb scheme, for those who want it), and gives them more of a historical color STV Motorsports SparX4400 4x4 CNC Plasma Cutting Table - Made in the USA $5,999.00. Usually ships within 3 to 5 weeks. LOTOS LT5000D 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage 110/220VAC 1/2 Clean Cut 4.5 out of 5 stars 604. $332.61. Lotos.

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M 41 90 (non-Grand Final version), Panzer 58, Pz. 58 Mutz (yes, I kept the bear on), Rhm. Skorpion G, RU 251, Leopard PT A, Leopard 1; Custom carousel & tech tree icons for every included vehicle; Optional add-on to apply the color to the Panther/M10 (original grey version by Avalon304 International World of Tanks replay database with multi-language support. The ultimate site to store your most memorable battle recordings WoT Clans. Tanks. Marks of Excellence; WN8; Leaderboard. Aces; All; About; KampfKeks131 _DGD_. Overall data retrieved at data retrieved a

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