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Alien gyphs appear on all of Alpha's screens. Koenig sends an Eagle to investigate. The Eagle is lost and the pilot is taken over by a huge, alien 'Space Brain', using him as a channel to make the Alphans do its bidding. Koenig has to destroy it Space: 1999. 50min | Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi | TV Series (1975-1977) Episode Guide. 48 episodes. 0:31 | Trailer. 22 VIDEOS | 386 IMAGES. The crew of Moonbase Alpha must struggle to survive when a massive explosion throws the Moon from orbit into deep space The complete 70s sci-fi series starring Martin Landau and Barbara Bain (husband and wife who also co-starred together on the original 'Mission: Impossible')... Episode Recap Space: 1999 on TV.com. Watch Space: 1999 episodes, get episode information, recaps and more

Space 1999 is a British science-fiction television series that ran for two seasons and originally aired from 1975 to 1977. The series was the last production by the partnership of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and was the most expensive series produced for British television up to that time Filmed on 29 August 1999, Message From Moonbase Alpha is a fan-produced mini-episode made with the co-operation and involvement of Space: 1999 script editor Johnny Byrne, who penned the script In the year 1999, the Earth's moon is torn from its orbit when a nuclear explosion occurs on a radioactive dump site, sending moon base Alpha and its crew on a journey through the galaxy. Trivia Benjamin Ouma was meant to be a series regular but people disliked working with Lon Satton so he was fired., Filming began at Elstree Studios. As it was under threat of closure, the entire production. You can watch Space 1999 episodes online right here for free! This is the opening episode of Space 1999 - Breakaway. If you enjoyed watching this Space 1999 episode online, then you'll probably enjoy the whole series

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Watch Space 1999 Free Online. The crew of Moonbase Alpha must struggle to survive when the force from a massive explosion throws the moon out of orbit and into deep space. | Full season and episodes - free online streaming fast high quality legal movies and TV television show List of the best Space: 1999 episodes, as determined by voters like you. With all the amazing episodes of the show that exist, it's hard to trust just one person's opinion of what the top Space: 1999 episodes of all time are. Fans of Space: 1999 are very passionate about the show, and there are often debates over which episodes are the greatest

Find TV episode dates, watchlists, and tracking information to watch Space: 1999 online on SideReel - The Dorcons, The Immunity Syndrome, Devil's Planet, Dorzak, The Seance Spectre, The Lambda Factor, The Bringers of Wonder (2), The Bringers of Wonder (1), The Beta Cloud, A Matter of Balance, Th Other film. Space 209

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Space 1999 was an excellent series but I was surprised there was only ever two seasons of it made. Martin Landau was better than I remembered as Commander John Koenig. When I originally watched the series I thought that both he and Barbara Bain as Dr. Helena Russell were somewhat cardboard like as characters but they were better than I remembered The in-depth guide to Space: 1999 - the episodes, cast, special effects and merchandis A guide listing the titles AND air dates for episodes of the TV series Space: 1999 TV Archive: Episode 3 - Space: 1999. RetroWorks. 59:31. Space 1999 S01 - Ep12 End of Eternity HD Watch. armondhirons57eti21. 59:42. Space 1999 S01 - Ep15 The Full Circle HD Watch. armondhirons57eti21. 58:18. Space 1999 S02 - Ep04 One Moment of Humanity HD Watch. armondhirons57eti21. 1:48. SPACE GIRLS Thierry Mugler Haute Couture 1999.

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Space: 1999, a British science-fiction television series, ran for 48 episodes broadcast between 1975-77. The first series (or season, often referred to as Year One) of 24 episodes began transmission in 1975, though production of the first episode began in 1973 Episode Title 1 Space: 1999: Breakaway 2 Space: 1999: Matter Of Life And Death 3 Space: 1999: Black Sun 4 Space: 1999: Ring Around The Moon 5 Space: 1999: Earthbound 6 Space: 1999: Another Time, Another Place 7 Space: 1999: Missing Link 8 Space: 1999: Guardian Of Pir Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube Space 1999 S02 - Ep04 One Moment of Humanity HD Watch. armondhirons57eti21. 58:33. Space 1999 S02 - Ep14 Space Warp HD Watch. Peppa Pig English Episodes Season 4 Episode 50 Grampy Rabbit in Space Full Episodes 2016. Tomovacar. 35:06. Minnie Mouse Bowtique Full Episodes - Mickeys Space Adventure Full Movie Episodes HD. When I put together my first Space: 1999 recap, I guess I was taking a lot for granted.I was assuming everyone was familiar with Space: 1999, and knew how bad of a show it was.And for that, I apologize. So I thought that before I post my next video review concerning a season two episode, I'd provide a bit of background regarding who created the series, how it came about, and why season two.

Here you will find all the episodes of the seriesSpace: 1999. Here you fint both the broadcast episodes as the next episodes This episode introduces Moonbase Alpha's resident alien Maya, who has the power to transform herself into any creature at will. Audience Reviews for Space: 1999: Season 2 Track Space: 1999 new episodes, see when is the next episode air date, series schedule, trailer, countdown, calendar and more. TV show guide for Space: 1999 Space: 1999 is a British series that began running in the U.S. on October 17, 1975. The series premise was set up in the first episode, entitled Breakaway

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  1. g on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Space 1999 on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon, The Roku Channel Free, The Roku Channel, iTunes, Tubi TV.
  2. It's 1999 and Moonbase Alpha has been built on the Moon to safeguard the nuclear waste shipped from Earth. On September 13, 1999, disaster strikes and the nuclear waste explodes causing a chain reaction that hurls the Moon out of Earth's orbit and into deep space
  3. Space 1999 30th Anniversary Edition Megaset-Disc 15 A lunar colony is sent hurtling through space following a nuclear explosion in what was at the time the most expensive (at $300,000 per episode.
  4. Season 1 guide for Space: 1999 TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Track Space: 1999 season 1 episodes

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  1. The 'Space:1999' logos and all images from the television series are copyright Carlton International Media Ltd. unless otherwise stated; music is copyright the original composers and producers; no copyright infringement is intended
  2. Space 1999 (1975-1977) September 13th, 1999: the freak explosion of atomic waste dumps blasts the Moon out of Earth orbit, hurling the 311 men and women of Moonbase Alpha into the far reaches of space. Space:1999 entered production in 1973, and would run for 48 episodes over the next two years
  3. Viewing Space: 1999 can sometimes be tricky for those looking to establish a clear, definitive timeline from episode to episode. This is due to a number of factors: the nature of episodic television and its production at that time as compared to now, or the variance in airing dates from station to station and nation to nation, to name a couple
  4. Space: 1999 is a British science-fiction television series that originally aired from 1975 to 1977. In the opening episode, nuclear waste from Earth stored on the Moon's far side explodes in a catastrophic accident on 13 September 1999, knocking the Moon out of orbit and sending it and the 311 inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha hurtling uncontrollably into space
  5. Space:1999 was based on the premise that a large nuclear explosion on the surface of the moon would set it hurling through outer-space, carrying the inhabitants of the moonbase on otherworldly adventures week-after-week. That the Moonbase Alpha crew had no ability to steer their course was part of the show's appeal, with basic survival a higher priority then swashbuckling adventures
  6. That episode of Space: 1999 creeped me out as well, and is one of the few where I have much of a clear memory of the plot. It was certainly the only one I ever re-enacted with Legos. I never warmed to the show as a kid. I always WANTED to like it, but it seemed oddly disconnected, and I used to think that maybe I was too young to get Space: 1999
  7. Space: 1999 Metaforms; Mondstation 1999; Moonbase Alpha; Classic Adventures; Marco; Eagle from Dinky Toys; Espaco 1999; War Games; Links to other Space: 1999 Sites; Space:1999 copyright ITV Studios Global Entertainmen

Find TV episodes, reviews, ratings, lists, and links to watch Space: 1999 online on SideReel - Space: 1999 (ITC Entertainment, 1975-77) is a British science-fiction television show about the journey of the occupants of a Moon base after the Moon is knocked out of orbit by a nuclear explosion If one were to describe Space: 1999 to the uninitiated, it might go something like this: Imagine the high-concept stories of original Star Trek but with a British flair (which is to say slower and far more cerebral and fantastical - think Trek on LSD). Mix this with ground-breaking special effects and production values heavily influenced by 2001: A Space Odyssey (and created by Brian Johnson. Big Finish's Space: 1999 will kick off with their own feature-length audio version of 'Breakaway' (It's a double-length episode - an audio movie, says Briggs) which is being. New Episodes Wednesdays 9/8c; New Episodes Wednesdays 10/9c; Watch Latest Episodes; Watch Latest Episode; Watch Every Episode; Watch Season 1; Watch Every Episode; Bad Astronomy; Mondo launching Ennio Morricone's rare Space: 1999 score on deluxe vinyl . Jeff Spry . Aug 8, 2017. Related tags. Star Trek; Doctor Who; Science; fashion; Star.

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Space: 1999. Free | Adventure Fantasy Action| NR Select A Season. Select A Season; Season 1 24 episodes. Season 2 24 episodes. Breakaway. An explosion disintegrates the moon's dark side and hurls it, along with 311 occupants, out of Earth's orbit and into space. S1:E1 | Sep 4, 1975 | 50m. Force of Life Space: 1999: Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Barry Morse, Catherine Schell, Nick Tate, Tony Anholt, Prentis Hancock, Zienia Merto Space: 1999 will launch on 13th September 2019 with the pilot episode Breakaway!, which has been adapted and reimagined by Nicholas Briggs. This release date has been chosen because it is 20 years to the day after the Moon was blown out of Earth's orbit (according to the original series' opening titles) Exploring Space 1999: An Episode Guide and Complete History of the Mid-1970s Science Fiction Television Series. by John Kenneth Muir | 28 Feb 2005. 4.3 out of 5 stars 47. Paperback.

Home / Series / Space: 1999 / Aired Order / Season 0 / Episode 7 Face of Eden A FAN EDITED Video - Episode never happened. Scenes were edited together from several episodes . English. Runtime 50 minutes Content Rating United States of. All of Space: 1999 save the final five episodes aired in a pre-Star Wars world. Perhaps in this way, with season two's greater emphasis on fantastical and monstrous alien threats,. This week on Throwback Thursday I wanted to take a look at the classic series Space: 1999 that ran for two seasons in the mid seventies.. Comfort food; there are times when we all need it, and comfort food of the television variety means such wonderful shows as Space: 1999, currently available on Hulu.Now wonderful is a relative term here and is mainly about the nostalgia factor, but still all.


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  1. Summary: It's 1999 and a base has been built on the Moon. Moonbase Alpha safeguards the nuclear waste shipped from Earth and carries out research. Moonbase Alpha is staffed with 311 crew members. On September 13, 1999, disaster strikes. The nuclear waste explodes, in a chain reaction, and the Moon is hurled out of Earth's orbit, into deep space
  2. Includes all episodes from the Space: 1999 television series
  3. Space: 1999 Season show reviews & Metacritic score: The Dorcons are a race of conquerors who can live forever by transplantation of a Psychon brain stem. Maya, the last known Psychon, is traced to Moonbase Alpha..
  4. imal presence in one episode while taking centre stage in another
  5. As seen in the Space 1999 episode 'War Games', this model kit is in scale with the WARP and Product Enterprise Eagles. This is a kit requiring construction and painting. SPECIAL OFFER NOW £50.00 Saving £19.95!! Eagle Transporter 1/72nd (Space 1999) £89.95 £60.00 1:72. 12.
  6. Space 1999 is an enjoyable series, although some unbelievable situation is hard to stand, nevertheless in this episode is quite good about an immortal man who was taking away from his planet inside of an asteroid, this story is weird as well, but the plot is very clever, Balor the immortal alien shows his face when he try takes Alpha's control, very interesting premise!
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Check out our Eagle and Moonbase Alpha model kits, exclusive Space: 1999 posters. We have Space: 1999 merchandise and gifts galore The Space Dock (known in The Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook as the Centauri Space Station or the Centuri Space Station and in the Space: 1999 addons for Orbiter as Centuri Space Dock) is the only Terrestrial spacecraft (excluding the Eagle Transporters and the many spacecraft in the spaceship graveyards) to appear in more than one episode, as it appears in two Year One episodes. Category - veoh.co Space: 1999 cast list, including photos of the actors when available. This list includes all of the Space: 1999 main actors and actresses, so if they are an integral part of the show you'll find them below.You can various bits of trivia about these Space: 1999 stars, such as where the actor was born and what their year of birth is

Space: 1999 Episode Guide on EPisodeWorld with airdates and detailed information for all episodes of every series/season of the TV show Space: 1999 featuring Episode Guide, Main and Guest Cast Info, Music Guide, Summary-Plot Guide, News and Details in multiple languages In the year 1999, lunar nuclear waste storage dumps have exploded, due to magnetic radiation, sending Earth's moon into interstellar space. The inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha, unable to escape, are seeking a new home. The Alphans have just defeated Gwent, the living machine, in the previous episode, The Infernal Machine Past Episodes: Season Three. EPISODE #36: The Dream of Mythraea. A murderous fugitive's escape from justice causes an alteration to the fabric of time. The existence of Moonbase Alpha and the threat of universal destruction looms as Commander Koenig and Professor Bergman go back in time to correct the aberration Exploring Space, 1999: an episode guide and complete history of the mid-1970s science fiction television series User Review - Not Available - Book Verdict. In the mid-1970s, a space adventure series featuring aliens, spaceships, and spectacular explosions debuted and immediately captured a worldwide audience Episodes of the second series. About the Episode guide. Introduction to Space: 1999. Analysis and opinion. Back to Site index: Created by Andrew Kearley. Please email me with your comments and suggestions

When I started looking into Space 1999 I just wanted to see the episodes uncut. One the way that quest brought me to the great music of Barry Gray, Derek Wadsworth and music editor Alan Willis, the script writers Johnny Byrne and Chris Penfold All 3 episodes are excellent. Season 1 of Space 1999 only has a number of dvds worth collecting from, whereas Season 2 all sets # 5-8 are worth keeping. I recommend the following selections: Volume 2 / Volume 6 & SET 4 Space1999List.com- list of Space 1999 sites. Remarkably like this one. Space1999.Org - A fan-based Space: 1999 portal site, promoting various aspects of the show. Space: 1999 Population Countdown - Alphan mortality figures; Space: 1999 Revisited - The history of Space: 1999, episodes and more, by Jeannine Hoche The Space:1999 Population Countdown I first began recording this morbid information while I was still high school. Moonbase Alpha can only support 320 people. Naturally, as people are killed, it is difficult to replace them Moved Permanently. The document has moved here

Space 1999, Season 2 Episode 20, is available to watch and stream on ITV. You can also buy, rent Space 1999 on demand at Amazon, The Roku Channel, iTunes online Space: 1999, analyzed episode by episode by numerous online fans of the series Space 1999 After the Apollo missions of the 1960s and early 1970s, space exploration was very nearly abandoned as public pressure mounted for money to be concentrated on problems down here on Earth. But, by a whisker, funding was granted for a base on the Moon Watch Space 1999 Season 2 Episode 23 - Devil's Planet. Add to Watchlist. Answering a distress signal, Commander Koenig is forced to crash-land his Eagle on Entra - moon of the planet Ellna - which turns out to be the planet's penal colony. First Aired: September 8, 1977 -

The British-made Space: 1999 was the only tr uly original space adventure of the mid-1970s. From the show ''s conception in 1973 to its cancellation in 1977, Muir cove rs the 48 episodes in depth Space: 1999 is een Britse sciencefiction televisieserie bedacht door Gerry en Sylvia Anderson, geproduceerd door ITC Entertainment.De serie werd oorspronkelijk uitgezonden in de jaren zeventig met een totaal van 48 afleveringen. In Nederland was de eerste uitzending op 9 juni 1978. Space: 1999 volgde op de serie U.F.O. waarin eveneens echte acteurs aan bod kwamen, in tegenstelling tot de. female alien from the War Games episode . war games space: 1999. 26 notes. 26 notes Mar 18th, 2018. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Pinterest; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; laliphaunt reblogged this from space-1999. superdaniel123love liked this. Space: 1999 was a British science-fiction series that ran for two seasons and 48 episodes.. It starred Martin Landau as Commander John Koenig, Barbara Bain as Doctor Helena Russell, and Barry Morse as Professor Victor Bergman.. The first episode took place on September 9, 1999. The premise: nuclear waste stored on the Moon's far side explodes, knocking the Moon out of orbit and sending it, as.

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Episode 18 - Space 1999! In this episode Arkay and Willie! are joined by Rick Reynolds from the Intellivisionaries, Holiday Special and Greatest American Hero Podcast to discuss Space 1999 and some of the incredible toys that were made Episodes Lost in Space. Release year: 2018. After crash-landing on an alien planet, the Robinson family fights against all odds to survive and escape. But they're surrounded by hidden dangers. 1. Impact 64m. On the. Space 1999 has 15,340 members. Welcome new members to the main Space: 1999 Facebook Group Page! For all the fans of the 70's series SPACE 1999 The underlying storyline of Space: 1999 centered on the plight of the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha following a calamity on September 13, 1999 (hence the title)

For 2020 we are delighted to offer a NEW range of Collectible Toys, Studio Scale Replicas and Action Figures from some of the most iconic television shows ever produced - SPACE: 1999, UFO and THUNDERBIRDS. We hope you'll enjoy the continuing journey with us Retro Space: 1999 Eagle Freighter For over 20 years SIXTEEN 12 COLLECTIBLES LTD has been producing High-End Toys and Collectibles from some of Britain's most iconic Films and Television Shows. Worldwide licences have included Dr Who, Thunderbirds, Red Dwarf, Captain Scarlet, Hammer Films and The Avengers Space 1999. Space 1999 was the ground breaking sci-fi television series of the 1970's where a group of men and women of Moonbase Alpha found themselves hurling through space after an accident blasted the moon out of earth's orbit. It was a tale of survival, as the Alphans, not able to control the course of their wandering moon, encounter strange and often hostile forces in their quest to find.

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Barry Morse- Victor BergmanSpace 1999 (1975) movie poster #1 - SciFi-MoviesMain Mission Big Screen Panels- Moonbase Alpha Guide
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